About Us

Owner Kim Wood started designing 21 years ago.

485 Design was started based on the knowledge that awesome design allows you to powerfully communicate. It enhances credibility. Differentiates you from others. Positions you above the rest.

From lots of ideas and often complexity, we strive for simplicity in design. Achieving this design simplicity, the sweet point where it all comes together, is what gets us out of bed to work each day.

We provide branding, digital and print solutions and collaborate with experienced strategists.

We will invest a lot of time upfront getting to know you (if you are new), your business and the project.


If you sample our DNA, you’ll find we are all about;

Craftcreate, hands on, artistic, shaping, moulding, sculpting, lovingly assemble, old fashioned approach, enrich, bespoke

Creativethinkers, we love nothing more than combining our colour, flair and design, with the business smarts of the Big Team to deliver strong well-rounded brands

Friendly – comfortable, personable, warm (Pantone 485), always delivered with a good laugh, strong connections

Fussyparticular, precise, pixel pusher, eagle-eyed, aware

We Carewe love working with good people, we want them to be happy and successful, it’s about the exchange, a nice experience, a symbiotic relationship, enduring

And we care.