Annual Reports

We design high end publications to communicate and instil confidence in an organisation’s position and future strategy.

We’re fussy and respect the timeframes and deadlines associated with the production of an annual report.

Our professionalism, seamless style and industry knowledge is appreciated by all the stakeholders involved.

We’re seriously fussy, friendly and we care.

Our services include:

  • Scheduling
  • Concept and design
  • Photography and imagery
  • Managing all stakeholders
  • Proofing and Print production
  • Delivery to mailhouse

We’d love to hear from you well in advance of your project timeframe to discuss your annual report requirements

“…knowledge of project management, print production and supplier management made the process even smoother…”

Happy Customer

“In my previous position as Marketing Communications Manager for Australian Vintage (formerly McGuigan Simeon Wines and an ASX listed wine company), I engaged Kim to design the company’s Annual Report.  She not only made it in an incredibly streamlined process but always delivered on time and under budget, often with fairly strict and short lead times.

Kim’s professionalism and patience with the multiple stakeholders involved in producing a corporate Annual Report was appreciated and recognised, with the company still continuing to use her services today. Her knowledge of project management, print production and supplier management made the process even smoother.

Kim is proven to be able to work positively and successfully with both small business and muti-faceted corporates and I wholeheartedly can commend her incredible work.  She is also an absolute delight to deal with and her sincerity, honesty, attention to detail, quality control and of course creativity are traits that all clients will value. I have no hesitation in recommending Kim and 485 Design for any graphic design and corporate branding needs.”

Jeannie Duhigg
Writer & Marketing Communications Consultant
Serendipity Row